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We serve companies in all tech related industries with high quality growth services which are presented below



We increase motivation and communication among employees through challenges.



We encourage them to practice to increase their knowledge of the questions and topics you set.



We analyze all the challenges between your employees & trainings and complete their missing knowledge.

Design And Plan
Training & Challenge

Design training & challenge mode questions and plan how to increase staff's knowledge. Use our app to motivate your team and let them to answer the questions.


Analyze answers and increase knowledge

  • Basically answering the quesitons accelerate learning
  • Train and challenge with friends mitigate the forgetting curve
  • Increasing product knowledge will growth business

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Canmoti is one of the easiest and feature packed event learning apps. Discover what it can do for your business organization right away.

  • Motivate your team with activities and get results today
  • Interact with all your staffs and learn their knowledge level
  • Convince them to learn your company's awesome products
  • Save precious time and invest it where you need it the most
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